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Skills Training & Certifications

McDermond Business-Readiness Training and Certification Resources


  • In partnership with Indiana University and created by DePauw alumnus, Phil Schuman, DePauw MoneySmart$ U is a personal financial literacy program designed to help students learn money management skills./li>
  • ALL students are strongly encouraged to participate in this online platform of 2-3 minute videos on financial topics relevant to their academic year, and beyond graduation.  
  • By investing less than two hours each academic year, students will learn cash flow management while they are still at DePauw and then also as they prepare for post-graduation and their first job or graduate school!
  • Important information and insights to promote financial wellness:  Managing money while on campus, student loan minimizing, investing for financial independence, the five components of a credit score, creating an easy budget, making wise financial decisions upon graduation, and more!
  • Each module is specifically designed for the academic year of each student:  First Year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior
  • There are also deeper dive modules for:  Graduates, International Students, Students contemplating Graduate School, Taxes, Insurance, Investing, Budgeting, Debt, Credit, etc..
  • Students can use their DePauw email address to enroll here as a guest login.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

  • DePauw C.E.O. (Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization) membership is a part of the DePauw Engaged Entrepreneur Group
  • A global network of more than 250 college and university chapters that support and inspire the growth and development entrepreneurial students
  • Learn from online resources and webinars
  • Attend regional pitch competitions

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  • The McDermond Center supports Jobs in Tech 101, TechPoint’s resource for Indiana tech careers