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Computer Science Department

Ray Tracing: Basic Path Tracer

Madison Mudrich

Ray tracing is a technique that many do not know about, but its product is something many see as it is everywhere in virtual technology with its numerous and wide applications. This technique is being implemented and has improved drastically over recent years by various industries for the purpose of more impressive advertising, more realistic games and movies, and also for both virtually and physically producing models for design, architecture, and testing of vehicle functionalities. By implementing the simplest version of ray tracing called “path tracing”, there will be a simple foundation that can be expanded on to accomplish specific criteria based on the desired image. The hope is that the user may gain a soft overview of ray tracing’s background and complexity, encouraging comparisons of virtual technology and real life so they may be more vigilant in identifying what is real and what is not. The user will be able to witness the steps involved in ray tracing by viewing the resulting images of their specified objects in a predefined environment using an image viewer.