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Computer Science Department

BaghChal: Interactive Game

Robin Bista

BaghChal is software implementation of a strategic two-player Nepali traditional board game played on a 5x5 grid. The pieces are positioned at the intersection of the lines where adjacent lines from the intersection define the legal moves for a piece. BaghChal is an asymmetric game in which one player controls the 4 Tigers and another player controls the 20 goats, both tiger and goat move in a straight line on the BaghChal board. The goal of each player is different, the player placing the goat strives to trap all 4 tigers and restrict them from all legal moves, when no legal move is remaining, goats win! On the other hand, once the tiger-player captures at least 5 goats the tigers win! Normally, it is supposed to capture all the goats, but basically it is not possible for goats to win after losing 5 mates.