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GRMN 117

Societies Past and Future: Marxism, Fascism, and In-Between in German Culture

Not long ago, it seemed that the world's future was destined to be a version of US-American culture, what some called "the end of history." Today we need to look farther afield to understand the decline of democracy and liberalism; the history of German politics and culture gives us important insights to the attractions and pitfalls of social movements in the post-American century and questions of transnationalism. In this course we will look back (via history, literature, film, and philosophy) at German-cultural ways of thinking communal living. We will examine societies which had multiple different forms of government and social organization in a single century (Empire, Republic, Fascism, Communism, Social Market Democracy, European Union) and ask questions such as: What are the attractions of totalitarianism? How are national and post-national identities formed? How do imaginative visions of the future comment upon and shape the way modern societies are organized and transform themselves? Course offered in English.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Global Learning 1 course