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BASE Research

The Balloon Assisted Stratospheric Experiments (BASE) project is operated under the Physics & Astronomy Department at DePauw University with Dr. Howard Brooks.

Presently, the program uses high altitude weather balloons to carry scientific experiments into the stratosphere. Plans are under development to use alternative balloon materials to allow for extended duration flights.

The experiments are designed by DePauw students and by students at various schools in West Central Indiana. The primary communications and support system was purchased from StratoStar Systems.  Radios operating in the amateur radio bands also relay positional information obtained from the Global Positioning Satellite network to tracking teams on the ground.

Recent flights (all in 2017):

BASE 92  April 27 - from Greencastle Middle School,  IN.  Landed near Shipshewana, IN Burst altitude: 29.9 km

BASE 93   7 June - from Fishers, IN.  Landed southside of Indianapolis. Burst altitude: 27.9 km

BASE 94 17 June  - Great Plains Superlaunch   Hutchison, KS  Landed in Newton, KS. Burst altitude: 31.3 km        

BASE 95 22 June  - from Northmont Schools. Landed near Tipton, IN. Solar cell test. Burst altitude: 31 km

BASE 96   6 July  from Northmont Schools.  Landed near Thorntown, IN New Geiger array test Burst altitude: 27 km

BASE 97  17 July from  DePauw University. Landed south of Jasonville, IN. Balloon cutdown test Burst altitude: 27 km

BASE 98  20 July  from Tipton Schools, IN.  Landed near Spiceland, IN. Double balloon cutdown test.  Burst altitude: 31 km

BASE 99    24 July from Cascade Schools, Hendrick County, IN  Landed at SR 144 and Centerline Road, Johnson County, IN.  Burst altitude: 28 km

BASE 100  25 July from Tipton Schools, IN.  First successful cutdown at pre-programmed altitude.  Landed near SR 234 and CR 600 E, Hancock County, IN.  Cutoff altitude:  21 km

BASE 101  1 August from DePauw. Landed 2.3 miles southwest of launch site. First tandem balloon launch.  First balloon cutaway at 16 km to slow ascent rate.  Burst altitude: 30.4 km

BASE 102    5 August from SpaceJam 11 in Rantoul, IL. Landed on eastern shore of Cagles Mill Lake in the Lieber State Recreation Area.  Burst altitude: 34 km

BASE 103    9 September from the Putnam County Airport Appreciation Days Greencastle, Indiana. Landed near Cunot, IN.  Balloon separated from the payload at 9 km

BASE 104  10 October from Brooks School Elementary, Fishers, IN - Science Club experiments Landed north of Celina, OH.  Burst altitude: 28 km

BASE 105 31 October from Brooks School Elementary, Fishers, IN - Science Club experiments Landed in Delaware, OH. Burst altitude: 31 km

Upcoming flights

BASE 106(?) Thorpe Creek Elementary, Fishers, IN - 16 May 2018



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