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May 19

May 19 7:41AM: Commencement exercises have been moved indoors to the Lilly Center. More Information

BASE Research

The Balloon Assisted Stratospheric Experiments (BASE) project is operated under the Physics & Astronomy Department at DePauw University with Dr. Howard Brooks.

Presently, the program uses high altitude weather balloons to carry scientific experiments into the stratosphere. Plans are under development to use alternative balloon materials to allow for extended duration flights.

The experiments are designed by DePauw students and by students at various schools in West Central Indiana. The primary communications and support system was purchased from StratoStar Systems.  Radios operating in the amateur radio bands also relay positional information obtained from the Global Positioning Satellite network to tracking teams on the ground.

Recent flights:

BASE 106  2 May 2018 from Greencastle Middle School, Greencastle, IN - Eighth Grade Science Class Experiments  Burst altitude - 26 km  Landed in grove of trees adjacent to open field northeast of Arlington, IN

BASE 107  16 May 2018  9:30 AM EDT Thorpe Creek Elementary, Fishers, IN - Third Grade Class Experiments Burst altitude - 31 km Landed in open field northeast of Selma, IN




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