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McKim Observatory Open House

Everyone is welcome at McKim Observatory Open House Events!

The Clark 9.53 inch refractor will be open for viewing the planets, moon, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.  The featured objects will depend on the date and sky conditions.  In good sky conditions we will also set up Celestron telescopes on the lawn around the observatory. 

 In the event of total cloud cover (or strong wind!) the open house will be cancelled. 

Please note that while McKim is well equipped for observing the sky, it lacks the modern convenience of a rest room.  Also note that evening weather tends to be chilly, and you will enjoy your visit to McKim more if you dress warmly.

We are happy to give special tours to groups.  To arrange a visit to McKim, call the Department of Physics and Astronomy (765-658-4654), Dr. Mary Kertzman (765-658-4647), or Dr. Howard Brooks (765-658-4653).

 Schedule of Open Houses:

The status of each open house will be updated by 4:00 PM Friday of that week.  Check back for the latest information regarding cancellations.

McKim Observatory
2019-20 Open House Schedule

Fri, Sept 13                          8:45-10:00pm

Fri, Sept 27                          8:30-10:00 pm               

Fri, Oct 4                             8:15-10:00 pm              

Fri, Oct 25                           8:00-10:00 pm         Cancelled - clouds!       

Fri, Nov. 8                           7:00-9:00 pm                

Fri, Nov. 22                         7:00-9:00 pm                

Fri, Dec. 6                           7:00-9:00 pm

Fri, Jan. 10                           7:30-9:00 pm            Cancelled - rain!   

Fri, Jan. 24                           7:30-9:00 pm             Cancelled - rain!  

Fri, Feb 7                              7:00-9:00 pm           Cancelled - clouds!   

Fri, Feb 21                            7:30-9:30 pm              

Fri, Feb 28                           7:30-9:00 pm               

Fri, Mar 13                           8:30-10:00 pm             

Fri, April 3                           9:00-10:30 pm            

Fri, April 17                         9:30-10:30 pm


Directions to McKim:

The address for McKim is DePauw Avenue, Greencastle 46135. It is located just north of Franklin Avenue a couple of blocks west of Kroger.

Maps: For direction put in "DePauw Avenue, Greencastle 46135"

PDF Map to McKim Observatory