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Fellowships & Awards

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Nationally competitive fellowships, scholarships, and awards support study, research, or teaching in a wide range of academic disciplines. Recipients of scholarships attend graduate programs, conduct research and teach in countries around the world. They become leaders in their fields of study and in their communities. 

Getting Started

It is never too early to get started exploring competitive awards and fellowships. Successful applicants have to articulate their interests and provide evidence of their leadership, service, academic achievements and other experiences that prepare them for their work ahead.  Taking time now to cultivate those experiences makes you a stronger candidate with a better chance of success.

  • Take a class that challenges your skills, knowledge and comfort level every semester. Suggestions of what you can do now to be strong applicants for these and other competitive opportunities:
  • Actively engage in opportunities that develop your communication skills and leadership abilities. 
  • Get involved in the local community, not just the DePauw community.
  • Pursue research opportunities as well as internship opportunities
  • Study abroad and take a foreign language class.
  • Develop strong relationships with your faculty members, being sure they get to know who you are beyond the classroom.
  • Meet with the fellowship adviser to discuss your interests and possible fellowship opportunities.
  • Visit the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement to explore your career interests and opportunities.
  • Complete the student profile sheet so the fellowship adviser can help identify possible opportunities.
  • When you decide to apply, start early - at least 3 months before the deadline.

Fulbright Success 2016-2017

Shelby Guzzetta (Poland), Madeline Hawk (South Korea), Hattie Blair (South Korea), Justin Agrelo (Argentine) received a Fulbright award to teach English in 2016-2017. Devon Ross (Thailand) also received an award but will be pursuing other opportunities instead. English professor Eugena Gloria received a Fulbright Lectureship Award to do some work in the Philippines. And 5 students were selected as Fulbright alternates: Liz Bjordal (ETA Ecuador), Maryclare Flores (ETA Mexico), Xeno Carpenter-New (ETA Macedonia), Jacob Hebbe (ETA Malaysia), and Scott Lockwood, (Research New Zealand).

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All of the Above

Alumna Ashley M. Conard '14 received a Fulbright Award to conduct research in Belgium. She also received a National Science Foundation grant to build on that experience as she pursues her postgraduate education.

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