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Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

Asher Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

While working in a science lab is often the stereotypical example of research, DePauw students also routinely conduct research across the humanities, social sciences, and arts. Art history, biology, computer science, education studies – wherever there are questions, there is research to be done.

Our office is here to help you get involved in research and make the most of the experience!

  • See examples of recent research conducted by (and presented by) DePauw students
  • Learn how to get involved in research on campus as well as off campus. Students can conduct research during the fall or spring semester, Winter Term, May Term, and summer. Here are a few examples of summer research
  • If you are interested in science research, you may also want to consider joining the Science Research Fellows program for a scaffolded pathway that develops science research skills
  • During the last academic year
    • DePauw students were mentored in collaborative research with faculty on more than 250 research internships with academic credit during the academic year 
    • DePauw students took courses that included course-based undergraduate research experiences (with outcomes that were previously unknown and conducted with the intent of sharing with external audiences) for nearly 500 students 
    • DePauw students took many more courses -- the equivalent of more than 2000 student enrollments -- that included significant inquiry assignments, with students choosing research questions and methodologies and working through the research process in a field  
    • More than 50 students received funding for collaborative research projects with faculty mentors during Summer 2023



The Asher Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity encourages and supports novel student scholarship and creative activities beyond the classroom. The Asher Office uses its resources to help students follow their passions in the arts and humanities, sciences and mathematics, and social sciences. Consistent with the core and relational values of DePauw’s liberal arts education, the Asher Office fosters a community of scholars pursuing independent and collaborative projects.



The Asher Office supports scholarly projects that promote the university’s learning goals, including love of learning, skill in individually and collaboratively engaging with shifting and complex problems, thoughtful application of technology and data analyses for innovative purposes, and effective communication and contextualization of new ideas. The office supports students at all stages of their intellectual development by:

  • Connecting students to faculty with similar intellectual interests, funding opportunities for research and conference travel, and external research opportunities with alumni and others;

  • Helping our undergraduates develop the qualifications and skills for graduate-level research, and helping translate skills to professional programs and careers;

  • Helping students to collaborate in an environment of inclusive excellence;

  • Building a research community at DePauw by sharing scholarly activities across campus, including poster sessions, summer research talks, workshops, exhibits, and performances; and

  • Promoting students’ scholarly activities via dedicated space on campus and working with Admission and Communications to recruit future generations of DePauw scholars.

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