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Fellowship & Award Lists

There are literally thousands of fellowships and awards out there. Some support students tuition at the undergraduate level, while others support graduate school in the US or abroad. Others yet support research or teaching. The fellowships and awards listed on this website are some of the most prestigious or most common for DePauw students to apply for.

Students are encouraged to start early and seek advice and support from the Asher office and their faculty advisors in order to put forth as strong of an application as possible. Students can be extremely successful when they start early in their career exploring these, as it allows time to cultivate a variety of experiences - in class and out of class - that support their pursuits.

Prestigious Fellowships and Awards: These are prestigious because they are the most well known. Some require extremely high GPAs, while others have lower or flexible GPA requirements. All DePauw students are encouraged to explore these opportunities, but go further and explore the additional pages as they list other opportunities beyond this list.

Creative & Performing Arts: Students interested in the creative and performing arts might be interested in these opportunities.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM): Students in science, technology, engineering or math disciplines have a wide variety of competitive fellowships, awards and research opportunities. There are a number of opportunities specific to students typically underrepresented in STEM.

Study Abroad: Students interested in studying abroad should look here. Most of these require US citizenship; students who do not have US citizenship should consult with the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement for internal funding.

Teaching and Teaching English: Many students wish to pursue a year of teaching English abroad when they graduate, while others are interested in pursuing careers in education, either teaching or policy.

Students Without US Citizenship: May competitive fellowships, awards and other opportunities require US citizenship or permanent residency. There are some resources specific to those without US citizenship on this page.