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Gifts In-Kind

In-kind gifts are non-cash donations of materials or assets directly related to the mission of the University or readily convertible to cash to support the DePauw’s mission.

Examples include tangible property such as equipment, hardware, real estate, and artwork or other personal collections. Intangible or intellectual property includes such things as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

A discussion with a University official can determine if DePauw is able to accept your proposed in-kind gift. 

Ways to Make a Gfit

A gift to DePauw University is a meaningful statement of your belief in the mission of the institution and its ability to provide its students with a transformative, liberal arts experience.

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Donor Annual Report

The images and stories shared in the Donor Annual Report illustrate just some of the ways in which DePauw benefits from donor loyalty and generosity.

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