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The Gold Commitment

For Current students (in the Classes of 2022-2025)

Learn more about the specific qualifications for the Gold Commitment.

For current students

The DePauw Gold Commitment...

that DePauw faculty, staff, alumni and trustees will provide a distinctive and relevant DePauw liberal arts and sciences education that results in a life of meaning and means.

ASSURES ALUMNI that the value of their DePauw degree maintains its value, especially with their ongoing support of our students and graduates.

PROMISES EMPLOYERS AND GRADUATE SCHOOLS that they can expect well-prepared and accomplished graduates.

EXPECTS FROM STUDENTS that they fully invest in connecting rigorous academics and robust experiences and graduate in good standing within four years.

GUARANTEES that DePauw’s liberal arts education will lead to post-graduate engagement. If not, DePauw will provide an entry-level professional opportunity or additional primary term tuition-free.