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Commitment For Current Students

Commitment for Current Students


We are excited for you to begin exploring, engaging, and connecting through DePauw Gold Commitment experiences. Use this page to answer questions you have about specific qualifications for the DePauw Gold Commitment. 

Qualifications for the Guarantee 

While participation in the Commitment is not a graduation requirement, full participation is a qualification for the Guarantee portion of the Commitment, which stipulates that students who do not have a post-graduate opportunity six-months after graduation qualify for an additional term of tuition or their first six-month post-graduation employment opportunity. To qualify for the Guarantee students must complete the following.

Academic and Co-Curricular Standards:

  • Fulfill the requirements of the DePauw Gold Commitment over the course of four years, which include the following.
    • Completing 12 explore experiences and 6 engage experiences in the content areas of communication and collaboration, civic and global learning, and career and life development.
    • Completing 1 connect experience.
    • Attending class-year specific Professional Programming; you can find first-year student programming here and sophomore programming here
    • Attending DePauw Dialogue annually.
  • Graduate within 8 semesters [10 semesters for those in a dual degree program].
  • Adhere to the standards outlined in the DePauw University Academic Integrity Policy (as defined in the DePauw University Student Handbook) with no lapses that result in an entry in the student’s permanent record.
  • Participate in career discernment and preparation program during the six months subsequent to graduation if still looking for a post-graduation opportunity.

Community Citizenship Standards:

  • Remain a student in good standing (as defined in the DePauw University Student Handbook) throughout enrollment with no violations of the University’s Title IX Policy that result in deferred suspension or suspension or community standards infraction that results in deferred suspension or suspension as defined in the Student Handbook.
  • Have no criminal conviction other than traffic violations.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to DePauw by date of graduation.

Tracking Your Pathway

To track your DePauw Gold Commitment activities, connect directly to CampusLabs and the CORQ app.