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Sophomore Professional Programming

Completing DePauw Gold Commitment Professional Programming each year is a qualification for the Guarantee.


The DePauw Gold Commitment Professional Programming for Sophomores consists of four items including:

  1. Completing the Clifton Strengths Assessment.
  2. Attending the Sophomore Series Kickoff event that provides an overview of career-related programming that is particularly appropriate for Sophomores. Additionally, you will process your CliftonStrengths Assessment and develop a better understanding of your natural talents and strengths. You will reflect on how you can further develop your strengths in your time at DePauw and how to intentionally articulate your skills to future employers.  
  3. Participating in one exploratory event from an approved list of fairs (including the Global Fair, Career Fair, Graduate School Fair, On-Campus Employment Fair, and approved fairs sponsored by DePauw’s consortium partners) or a DePauw alumni networking event.
  4. Updating your Handshake profile and resume.

You can track your progress on this pathway by logging into your Campus Labs account and viewing the 19-20 Gold Professional Programming pathway. For directions on how to check a pathway in Campus Labs, click here.