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Laptop Support

If you are a DePauw student and need assistance with your laptop, please contact the DePauw HelpDesk at HelpDesk@depauw.edu, (765) 658-4294, or stop by our office on the lower level of the Union Building.

The HelpDesk staff offers assistance with software installs and virus removal; however, we are not authorized to service or repair laptops. The following information should help you determine the best way to have your laptop serviced. 

Apple Laptops

Warranty Repairs

  • Apple laptops come with a one year warranty. AppleCare is an optional add-on purchase that extends the standard warranty to three years.
  • Accidental damage is not covered under the Apple warranty nor AppleCare, but it is worth checking with Apple as they will sometimes allow repairs for some types of accidents.
  • Warranty repairs must be done at an Apple Authorized Service Center. Nearby options include:
    • The Apple Store at the Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis is the nearest Apple Store to Greencastle.
    • The MacExperience is an authorized Apple Service Provider located in Bloomington, Indiana.
    • Best Buy stores that have “Geek Squad” services are authorized for Apple repairs.  The Best Buy in Avon, Indiana, has a Geek Squad and can do Apple repairs. Call (317) 271-5690 or schedule an appointment at www.bestbuy.com.
    • Call Apple directly at 800-APL-CARE.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

  • Any of the above sources will do out-of-warranty repairs for a fee.

Warranty Unknown

  • You can check your Service and Support coverage by entering the serial number from your Mac at the Apple Check Coverage website.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Laptops

Warranty Repairs

  • Call Hewlett Packard as these systems typically come with on-site warranty repair.
  • Accidental damage may be included in your warranty.
  • Call HP at (866) 625-1175.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

  • Call HP at (866) 625-1175.

Warranty Unknown

Other Windows Systems

  • Contact the vendor where you purchased your system or the manufacturer.