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Information Security at DePauw

Information Security is our shared responsibility.

DePauw’s ongoing information security strategy combines technical and network safeguards, administrative safeguards based on policies and regulatory compliance, and campus-wide security awareness efforts to ensure use of best practices for handling institutional data. These components, together, serve to protect DePauw by controlling access to data, reducing risk for data disclosure or loss, and preserving the integrity of operational data.

Information Security Awareness Program

The Information Security Committee is endorsing an Information Security Awareness Program for campus as an important part of DePauw's ongoing efforts to promote information security across all aspects of the university.

Program Objectives

After participating in this program, all employees will be able to:

  • Understand and comply with information security policies and protocols.
  • Properly use and protect the information security resources for which they are responsible.
  • Know how to recognize suspicious activity or unintentional compromise of Institutional data.

Program Series

The program consists of two series targeted toward all faculty and staff members:

  1. The Core Education Series is organized around what you can do to ensure information security (e.g., email, social media, passwords, file management secure, Wi-Fi, etc.) and what you should know (e.g., about protecting data (e.g., privacy laws, FERPA, HIPAA, etc.). We strongly encourage everyone to participate. Those who complete the series will be recognized with a certificate of achievement.

    For 2016, the Core Education Series is comprised of twelve 2-4 minute online tutorials from a series called "Securing the Human" published by the SANS Institute. It takes less than 45 minutes to complete. Additional information, including descriptions of the core series modules, is available on the IT KnowledgeBase InfoSec Core Education Series article.

  2. The Continuing Education Series varies from broad topics (e.g., social networks, mobile device security, working remotely, etc.) to area specific content (e.g. senior leadership, criminal justice, federal tax information, etc.). The content is adaptable to areas of responsibility. A certificate of achievement will be awarded for every 5 modules completed.

    For 2016, the Continuing Education Series is comprised of over twenty 2-4 minute online tutorials. Additional information, including descriptions of the continuing series modules, is available on the IT KnowledgeBase InfoSec Continuing Education Series article.

Customized Resources

The Information Security category of the IT KnowledgeBase offers immediate 24/7 access to self-service support information and documentation on managing data, securing devices, protecting your identity, minimizing threats, Symantec antivirus, software updates, reporting spam, and much more.

Increase your awareness of Information Security by browsing through these rich customized resources available for students, staff, and faculty. is a special email account monitored by Information Services staff members. We will use to communicate to you about information security, and we hope that you will use to ask questions, provide suggestions, and express your concerns about information security.