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For ITAP Apprentices

ITAP Apprentices are first-year DePauw students who have been admitted into ITAP. Apprentices participate in a yearlong orientation and training program called ITAP Institute.


ITAP Institute is a yearlong professional orientation and technical training program for ITAP Apprentices. It is led by the director and assistant director of the Tenzer Technology Center & ITAP, but apprentices will regularly engage with other members of the DePauw community.

Topics covered during Institute may vary each year, but they are chosen with the intent of exposing apprentices to a range of technologies, methodologies, and strategies. Apprentices can expect to spend 1-3 weeks on each of at least 8 different topics.

The outcome of Institute is not to ensure that apprentices are expert on any one technology but rather that they are comfortable and confident exploring and applying technologies on their own as specific situations necessitate (e.g., course assignments, class or thesis projects, future internships on or off campus, etc.). Institute aims to develop critical thinking with a bent toward applying technologies. Apprentices will practice these skills by applying technologies (for which they have only received minimal formal training) to their existing DePauw courses and/or using their own data, personal stories, and/or interests.


Beginning of the Year Meeting

All first-year apprentices must meet with the Assistant Director of ITAP by September of Fall term. This meeting will go over the paperwork necessary to create the student's timecard, as well as answer any lingering questions about the program. We will also ensure that Social Security number paperwork is completed before ITAP Institute starts. Information about this meeting will be sent out the first week of Fall classes.


Updated: 8/16/2023