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Important Forms

Please find below a list of forms that all ITAP students are expected to familiarize themselves with.


All ITAP students must agree to the ITAP Contract at the beginning of each academic year. This form verifies that you have read and accepted all policies and procedures of ITAP. Your timecard will not be created until the ITAP Contract is signed.


Students should complete the Leave of Absence Request form should they wish to take a leave of absence from ITAP. This could be due (although not limited) to study abroad, off-campus internships, medical leave, or conflicting positions on campus (such as holding an RA position). If students do not fill out this form, they will not be exempt from the minimum hours requirement.


Students should complete the Withdrawal from ITAP form should they wish to withdraw from ITAP altogether. After submitting this form, the decision to withdraw is final, and cannot be rescinded. Should a student withdraw from ITAP and wish to return to the program, they will need to reapply through the lateral entry process.

Timecard, ADP, and Student employment FAQ

The Timecard, ADP, and Student Employment FAQ includes answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, as well as other helpful resources regarding the student employment process for both domestic and international students. 

Updated: 4/30/2024