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For ITAP Associates

ITAP Associates are DePauw sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Associates have either completed ITAP Institute or been granted lateral entry into ITAP. These students participate in yearlong on-campus internships working closely with faculty and/or staff members in departments all over campus.


Each academic year, an updated version of ITAP Classifieds page will be posted. ITAP associates search the Classifieds, apply for internships, and interview with hosts. The 2024-25 AY ITAP Classifieds has been posted.

The internship process for ITAP Associates is as follows:

  1. ITAP Associates will obtain their internships in a manner similar to a "real-world" job search. Rising or current associates review the ITAP Classifieds to identify internships for which they wish to apply. To apply for one of the internships listed, an associate initiates contact with the prospective host via a formal email that supplies an up-to-date resume, statement of interest, and any supplementary materials that may be pertinent. The associate may contact several hosts (we recommend at least 2) and interview for multiple internships. Similarly, an internship host may interview and consider as many associates as the host wishes.

  2. Once a host has interviewed and selected an associate, the host informs them directly. The associate is required to respond either affirmatively or negatively to the host as soon as possible. If an associate needs additional time to consider an internship offer (or offers), the associate should make this request to the host promptly.

  3. Once an associate has accepted an offer to fill an internship, the host must email ITAP personnel at itap@depauw.edu confirming that an associate has accepted the offer. This email must include the associate name, intern position title (as it appears on Classifieds), and must also CC the student. Only then will a timecard be created.

NOTICE: ITAP Associates may only hold one ITAP internship for one ITAP host at a time. In other words, you may not hold two ITAP internships concurrently.


All lateral entry associates must meet with the assistant director of ITAP within the first three weeks of the fall term.  The meeting will be to discuss any lingering questions about the program, and ensure paperwork is turned in.


Last Updated: 4/30/2024