Student's Letter Published in Today's New York Times

Student's Letter Published in Today's New York Times

April 27, 2006

new york times.gifApril 27, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "You recently reported that Brazil increasingly relies on ethanol derived from sugar cane to power automobiles," begins a letter by DePauw University first-year student Jake Osborn, published in today's New York Times. "How is it that Brazil can eliminate the need for oil, but America cannot? Why does America have to refrain from topping off its Strategic Petroleum Reserve and drill in the last bit of unclaimed wilderness to get by?," Osborn asks.

The student's letter continues, "America the superpower can't wean itself gas car fill.gifoff oil, but Brazil can? Our government needs to stop catering to oil companies and start catering to the American people," he declares.

Brue Stinebrickner, professor of political science, has Osborn as a student in his American National Government course (110C). "We discuss the New York Times extensively in this course. I assign articles on a daily basis), and I also encourage students to submit letters to the editor and even op-ed articles to the newspaper. I'm pleased that Jake's efforts have borne fruit," Dr. Stinebrickner says.

You'll find the letter online by clicking here (a free registration to the Times may be required).