Senior Jason Kreag is a USA Today 'Positive Performer'

Senior Jason Kreag is a USA Today 'Positive Performer'

January 7, 1997

"Jason Kreag is known at DePauw University (Greencastle, Ind.) for always taking that extra step in everything he does," begins a USA Today feature. "Not only is Kreag a starting guard for the DePauw basketball team, but he maintains a 3.9 GPA as an economics major and a Management Fellow."

The senior is spotlighted in the newspaper's "Positive Performers" feature, which cites student-athletes who are who are "making positive differences by overcoming obstacles, aiding society and challenging stereotypes on and off campus."

According to the paper, "Like other DePauw Management Fellows, Kreag underwent a semester-long internship last year. But rather than try to get a foot in the door with a large business or corporation, Kreag moved to Washington, D.C., to focus his interests with the National Coalition for the Homeless. Still, the office work was not enough. Kreag decided to take his work a step further and live on the streets for a period of time. He also spoke to various student groups about homelessness."

"I think the most basic thing I received from the experience is an understanding of other people's situation," Kreag tells the newspaper. "I don't take simple things for granted anymore."

He adds that "homeless people are families, high school and college graduates, previously full-time employees, former business owners and many promising young children. They have the same hopes and dreams as every other person. I challenge us to be compassionate individuals."

The newspaper points out, "Eventually Kreag plans to complete graduate work in economics, but he currently plans to return to Washington after his May graduation to continue work for the National Coalition for the Homeless."

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Source: USA Today