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Department Chair & Program Director Resources

This web page serves as a gateway for resources that DePauw's department chairs and program directors might find useful. Suggestions, modifications, and/or corrections should be directed to the VPAA's office.

Department Chair RESOURCES


how to use this guide

What it is…

The deptchairpedia provides an “encyclopedia” of practical advice from department chairs for department chairs and program directors. Use this guide as a resource just as you might walk down the hallway to ask a senior colleague and/or previous department chair for their advice/recommendation/input (and then do as you think best!). No one is likely to agree with all of the advice contained in the deptchairpedia nor will every situation that you encounter be covered. However, this document hopefully will provide a context/ perspective that helps you make decisions as chair that are in the best interests of DePauw University, your department, and your students, staff, and faculty (preventing you from having to “reinvent the wheel” every time you encounter a new situation).

And, what it isn’t…

The deptchairpedia is not a policy handbook (we have one of those!). Likewise, it is not a legally binding document prescribing what you should do in a particular situation. That is, this document simply compiles advice from current and former chairs on a variety of situations, but the advice may not necessarily be applicable and/or the best path to take for your particular situation. This guide is also not a checklist or a to-do list. You may need to spend more or less time on an issue that these recommendations suggest, and some advice may not even apply to you as chair or to your department in general. As chair, you should follow established DePauw University policy and make your own decisions in consultation with the staff in Academic Affairs (e.g., VPAA, Dean of Faculty) and/or DePauw University legal council (as necessary). Contributors to the deptchairpedia are not responsible or liable for any decisions that you make as chair based on material/ opinions/advice expressed in the deptchairpedia.

Click HERE to download the deptchairpedia (last modified 02/06/2015). 

Contact Academic Affairs (brendarogers@depauw.edu) to submit suggested modifications/revisions to these resources.