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Sabbatical and Pre-Tenure Leave Application

Applications are due October 27, 2021 for leaves in 2022-23.

Please consult detailed information about leaves on the website before beginning your application.

1. Description of the project:

Provide a description of your project (maximum four pages, double-spaced) that includes: a) a clearly defined and articulated goal; b) a well-thought-out plan for achieving that goal; c) how the project fits into your overall professional development plan; d) how the project will enrich DePauw's intellectual community; e) a clear, tangible product (the results of your leave); f) list all FDC awards you currently hold (if you are requesting funding for multiple projects, you should include a statement explaining the relationship between the projects; g) an explanation of how the product for your leave will be reported. Please note that a report on your project will be due on the first Monday of classes in the semester after your leave ends.

2. Budget:

Include a proposed budget if you know in advance you will apply for Fisher Supplemental Funds and/or for Professional Development Funds as part of your leave project. This would be helpful to allow approval of the funds with your leave proposal.

3. Department Chair/Dean/Program Director Confirmation:

Your Chair/Dean/Program Director should send an email to Becky Wallace (facdev@depauw.edu) acknowledging that he/she has read the application and that he/she will work with you to determine the best time to take the leave in relation to department needs. Faculty in the School of Music should share their application and plans with the Associate Dean of the School of Music, who will provide this email.