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Travel Arrangements and Reimbursement

Travel Arrangements

Faculty members may make their own travel arrangements. Please remember that the cheapest form of transportation must be used.  If driving a personal car, mileage expense (62.5¢ a mile) will be reimbursed up to the cost of the least expensive regular round trip airfare.  Gasoline expenses will not be reimbursed for personal vehicles (only for rental vehicles).  Remember that early booking may also result in lower airline prices, thus saving DePauw money as well as preserving the faculty member’s allotment of funds. For booking rental cars leaving from DePauw University, please use the Vehicle Rental Request on e-services; by policy, DePauw cannot reimburse costs of insurance, pre-paid gasoline, or any extras offered by rental car companies. Faculty members may use a University Commercial Credit Card if available for their travel expenses with the exception of food and meal expenses, which will be reimbursed only upon request and at a flat per diem rate of $51/day for up to four days. Food will not be reimbursed from receipts, and food and meals should no longer be charged to commercial cards.

Find out more about DePauw's Travel Policy here.

Accounting Procedures

To receive payment for all approved expenses, send a signed accounting reimbursement form and all appropriate original receipts to Academic Affairs, 131 Julian. Reimbursements will not be made for amounts over those approved by the committee. Receipts for reimbursement must be submitted within four weeks of the travel date.

There will be no retroactive funding of activities completed prior to proposal approval for any of the funds administered through Faculty Development.