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Work Order Requests - FAMIS


Enriching the ways of work management and communication, the Office of Facilities Management has partnered with Accruent to implement a new computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The CMMS, referred to as FAMIS, allows the Office of Facilities Management the flexibility to receive service request, track materials, labor cost and inventory within work orders and project management and will serve as an additional communication resource with the campus community requestors.

Historically, the Office of Facilities Management has operated as a reactive enterprise, responding to requests in a day-to-day fashion. This culture focuses on individual items that are thought of in a task oriented approach. With the implementation of FAMIS, the Office of Facilities Management will be able to implement a preventative maintenance program and start thinking of each request in a more strategic manner. This will provide a more reactive response across the campus community and allow for the Office of Facilities Management to move to a proactive enterprise where requests are of a more strategic methodology.

To submit a work order request go to e-Services and click Submit a Request under the Facilities Management heading.