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Current Projects

The following projects are currently in varying phases of implementation.

Happening this week (11/28/22 - 12/2/22)

  • Portions of the Olin Parking Lot will be closed for contractor use for the library renovation work.
  • Construction materials will be transferred daily from the Blackstock parking lot to the library, so exercise caution around these areas.
  • The Buehler Health Clinic Southeast Entrance Project has begun.  This entrance will be closed for pedestrian traffic to the clinic, and access to the clinic will be through the main doors at the northeast corner of Lilly.  PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO ENTER THROUGH THE CONSTRUCTION AREA ON THE SOUTHEAST SIDE.  There will be a few parking areas along Olive Street that will be impacted by the construction.  This work should be completed late fall.  Be cautious around the construction in this area.
  • Nick Mourouzis Field and the Blackstock Stadium track will be closed for field renovation through February.
Campus Energy Master Plan
Campus Housing Master Plan

Roy O West Library under construction