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Payment Policies and Procedures

Financial Obligations: Payment of Tuition and Fees

Student Account

DePauw University students with outstanding balances will receive a monthly electronic bill. This billing will include any previous balances as of the billing date, in addition to current charges for tuition, fees, room and board (if applicable). Financial aid, tuition deposits and early payments will be shown as credits on the statement. An account statement is available through CASHNet on approximately the 10th day of each month. Unless the student is enrolled in a payment plan, tuition and fees are due no later than August 1 (first semester) and February 1 (second semester). In addition to tuition and fees, student accounts can include charges from fraternity and sorority living units and charges from University offices.

Delinquent Student Accounts

Delinquent student account balances are defined as exceeding $25.00 and over 30 days past due on an invoice and not current with a University approved payment plan. Please note the following regarding students with delinquent accounts:

  1. May be assessed a late payment fee of $100 a month, collection fees, and reasonable attorney costs necessary to recover such delinquencies.
  2. May be denied admission to classes, issuance of a transcript or diploma, or participation in commencement.
  3. May not be allowed to register for the following semester.
  4. May not be allowed to apply for off-campus study or Winter Term faculty-led study and service courses.
  5. May not be readmitted into the University.

Payment Options

Students have three payment options to choose from:

  1. Option 1: Payment in full prior to start of the semester

    Payment is due by August 1 for first semester and February 1 for second semester. You may deduct any pending loans or scholarships that will be applied to the account before submitting payment.  Please note that if the Financial Aid Office has not received the scholarship check to process, it is not pending.  Loan applications and promissory notes need to be signed and completed prior to the start of classes.
  2. Option 2: 4-Month Payment Plan

    The DePauw payment plan, referred to as 'My Payment Plan' (MPP for short), is setup on-line at our CASHNet site.  The Payment Plan allows students or third parties to pay for their semester charges over four months instead of paying their account in full prior to the start of the semester. Each semester you will be eligible to apply for a four month payment plan with the following due dates:

Payment Plan


Semester II

Enrollment Period July 5 - 25 January 5 - 25
Payment 1 August 1 February 1
Payment 2 September 1 March 1
Payment 3 October 1 April 1
Payment 4 November 1 May 1
    There will be a $40 per semester fee to sign-up for the payment plan.  In addition, there will be a $100 late fee for any missed payments.  After the second missed payment, your payment plan will be cancelled.

Option 3: Pre-Paid Tuition Plan

For parents interested in stabilizing tuition charges during their child’s undergraduate enrollment, DePauw University has developed a pre-payment option. The Pre-Paid Tuition Plan offers parents the opportunity to prepay tuition for two, three, or four years at the current rate of annual tuition set for the first year of participation in the plan, which protect families from probable future increases. Specific details of this plan may be obtained by reviewing the attachedby contacting the Cash Receipts Office at 765.658.4015 or at cashreceipts@depauw.edu.

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