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Student Loan Services

Payment Services now serve as a resource for information on loan repayment. Office hours are 8am - 5:00pm.

 Services available

  • Issue promissory notes and oversee entrance counseling

  • Perform exit counseling and inform borrowers on rights and responsibilities during loan repayment

  • Serve as a contact for forbearance and deferment requests for the Perkins and Institutional loan programs

Loan Servicers:

  • NSLDS.ed.gov is a resource to look up your federal loan history and view your assigned loan servicer(s)
  • Heartland ECSI is the servicer for all Perkins and Institutional loans. They send on our behalf computerized bills, messages and processes specific forms based on Federal guidelines. 
  • Private Loans: If you have borrowed through an Alternative loan program and have questions on who your servicer is, please contact our office as we have your complete borrowing record on file.

Important tips:

If you do not get a bill when you should, or if you just are not clear on some aspect of your student loan - contact the Student Loan Services Coordinator who can assist you. 

You will be moving around --DePauw will be in the same place it has been since 1837!  It is important to keep us notified of your current address.  

A healthy credit future depends on a good credit history.  You have entered the credit world through your student loan.  The loan is just as important as any other debt you will incur.  Student loans are not much different than a car loan, or any other loan, in that they do have to be repaid.  When you apply for a loan to purchase a car or a home, etc., your student loan repayment history will be important.  The big difference is that student loans have such a variety of privileges that it is sometimes difficult for the borrower to understand the details of those privileges.  

Feel free to contact Payment Services at (765) 658-4015 or e-mail paymentservices@depauw.edu if you have any questions or concerns.