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Resources for Retirees

You were here for DePauw, let us be here for you!

We value our retirees and are available to assist anytime.  Employees considering retirement should reach out to Human Resources at least six months prior to their desired retirement date, please contact the Benefits Manager for more information at 765-658-4135. 

IMPORTANT:  If you plan to enroll in Medicare and have a health savings account (HSA), to avoid a tax penalty, you should stop contributing to your HSA at least six months before you apply for Medicare.  Please notify Human Resources so we can stop any payroll or DePauw contributions towards your HSA. 

Retirement Resources/Forms

Retiree Healthcare Expenses and Insurance 

*All enrollment and completed forms should be returned directly to Human Resources at least one month prior to the retirement date.

Retirement Savings 

Medicare and Social Security Resources

 Official Government Websites