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Employee Resources - COVID-19

Please refer to CDC.gov for up to date information. 

Whom to contact if you need testing or have symptoms

Call DePauw Health Wellness Center (765-658-4555) or your primary care provider if you do not have access to at-home testing or if you are experiencing symptoms.

If a medical provider orders a COVID-19 test it will be covered at 100 percent for those employees and their dependents who are enrolled in DePauw’s medical plan. This means that all copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs are waived only for the focused test used to diagnose COVID-19.

If you require an office visit for testing or if treatment care is received, it will be subject to the medical plans normal deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket amounts. 

If you test positive for COVID-19

Please review this website for information.  

Employees should isolate away from campus. You are not expected to work if you are sick. Connect with your supervisor to determine if working remotely is an option when you need to isolate, but are not sick. Utilize standard sick time during this period.  Any work absence of more than five consecutive days will require employees to contact HR directly.

Contact Tracing

If you have tested positive, contact individuals with whom you have had close contact. Find more information here.

Local Testing

  • Find testing resources in Indiana by checking here.

  • Diagnostic (symptomatic) Testing

    In conjunction with Hendricks Regional Health, the DePauw Health Wellness Center will continue to provide COVID-19 diagnostic (symptomatic) testing to students and to employees who are participants in the University's health insurance plan.

  • At-home testing has become widely available and widely used on campus. We encourage everyone to stock an at-home test in case you experience illness when the DePauw Health Wellness Center is not open, as these tests will be more convenient if you experience illness after hours. If you are enrolled in the University's medical plan, click here for information about purchasing home tests.  Additionally, a limited supply of no-cost tests are available from the government here.

Virtual Health Screenings

  • OC24Health, a telemedicine service, is a convenient and cost effective care option available for those covered by DePauw’s medical plan who need to see a physician quickly and are not able to get into their primary care physician. Typical visits with providers will last about 10 minutes and approximate cost is $49 per visit.

  • LiveHealth Online - Free to sign up.  Only pay when you use it.  If you do not have medical insurance you will need to pay the full cost of the visit with a personal credit or debit card - approximate cost is $59 per visit.

Additional Resources for After-Hours Care for any Illness