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Prevention & Education

DePauw University is committed to ending violence on campus and providing evidence-based learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to promote a culture of consent and safety on campus.

Sexual assault on college campuses is a national problem.  Preventing sexual assault and supporting survivors is everyone’s responsibility. Partners and colleagues across the university implement comprehensive, evidence-based strategies to support survivors, prevent sexual assault and promote healthy relationships and sexual health.

What is sexual assault and interpersonal violence?  This includes rape, non-consensual sexual contact, stalking and more.  The student handbook includes a sexual misconduct policy and provides further explanation and definition of sexual assault. 

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault and need resources, you can find the resource page here.  Click here to find out what to do and how to report.

What is sexual health?  DePauw University embraces the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual health. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships as well as the possibility of having safe and pleasurable sexual experiences free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. Visit the WHO's website to read more about sexual heath. 

How is sexual health education part of preventing sexual assault? No matter what the circumstances may be, sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault.  DePauw’s comprehensive approach to prevention and education affords all students the opportunity to build a culture of consent that validates, respects, and promotes the safety of all.

What is DePauw already doing to prevent sexual assault and promote education about healthy relationships and sexual health?  DePauw’s comprehensive plan to prevent sexual assault includes the following:

  • Green Dot, a bystander intervention program.  

  • EverFi an online module for incoming students that emphasizes the importance of prevention, consent, and healthy relationships. 

  • Sexual Health Education Workshops offer students opportunities to learn more about the topics and skills covered in the EverFi modules, while having fun with their peers. 

  • Workshops tailored to your students' needs and experiences. Katie Childs, Coordinator of Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Education, is available to facilitate learning opportunities for your students, specific to their needs. Contact katiechilds@depauw.edu for more information.

  • An history of demonstrated commitment to prevention and education.  In 2011, DePauw was the recipient of a $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women to develop campus programming.  In 2016, DePauw joined Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault’s (ICESA) Campus Consortium to share best practices and receive increased training and support. DePauw is committed to seeking the best available resources, implementing the most effective interventions, and providing the most affirming support so all our students can grow, learn and thrive.

One of the best ways to prevent sexual assault is to promote a culture of consent. A culture of consent requires we talk to each other about what we want and don’t want. A culture of consent requires speaking up about things that may be uncomfortable to discuss and listening with respect.  Additionally, you can:

  • Familiarize yourself with campus policy and community resources.  Click here to learn more about available campus and community resources.  Click here to read the student handbook.

  • If you or someone you know has experienced a sexual assault, click here to learn what to do and how to report.

  • Be an active bystander.  No one has to do everything but everyone has to do something.  Learn more by visiting the Green Dot page.

  • Be a trusted resource on campus.  Faculty and staff can remind students about campus resources and include expectations for safety and respect in their syllabi or position descriptions.  Faculty and staff can participate in campus efforts to prevent sexual assault and promote healthy relationships and sexual health.

  • Stay involved.  We all have a role in ensuring DePauw is a safe and healthy place to live, work, and learn.  Click here to contact the Title IX committee and click here to contact the Prevention and Education Coordinator.