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Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates are Student Affairs staff persons who have been trained in sexual assault response and resources.  Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates are also identified as SASAs. An advocate is someone who can present resources, provide a semi-confidential conversation and discuss the available reporting options if the survivor would like. The SASA is available to support students in crisis as well as refer them to various resources.

How can a SASA help? 

Advocates have been trained in sexual assault response in order to help students in crisis whether the incident occurred that day or not. Advocates can provide a space for the survivor to talk and have someone listen, refer them to additional resources, explain reporting options and more. Advocates can also provide resources for peers and family members to learn how to support a survivor. 

What does it mean to be semi-confidential?

If someone is not sure about whether they want their report to remain confidential or anonymous they can call a SASA at 765-658-4650 for assistance. Generally, a survivor can seek assistance and support from a SASA without triggering an investigation that could reveal the survivor’s identity or that the survivor has disclosed the incident. However, a SASA will report the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident to the Title IX Coordinator without disclosing personally identifiable information. Questions about confidentiality can be discussed with the SASA. In instances in which a survivor or the greater campus community may be in imminent danger, a SASA would have to involve Title IX and DePauw Police. A survivor’s identity will be kept private even if confidentiality is not possible.

How can I contact an advocate? 

Hotline: 765-658-4650

The hotline is available to students, faculty, staff, and community members 24/7 whether they are on or off campus. If it is an emergency students can also contact DePauw Police at 765-658-5555 or 911. 

Women's Center Walk In

Survivors and friends can walk into the Women's Center during daytime business hours and request to talk to Sarah Ryan, who coordinates the SASA program and serves as an advocate.