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Campus & Community Resources

DePauw University has a broad-based and comprehensive response system for students who have experienced harassment or sexual assault, with resources on campus and within the community.

A person who has experienced Sexual misconduct should consider the following immediate actions: 

  • Go to a safe place. You may want to contact someone you know and trust to be with you. If you feel that you are in an unsafe situation, you should immediately call 911 or contact the DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555, and they can help remove you from that situation and get you to a safe space.

  • Seek support. You can call the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Advocate (SASA) 24/7 at 765-658-4650. SASAs are trained advocates who can share with you all of the resources available to you, both on and off campus. They will provide you with support and understanding and be with you as you make choices on what resources to utilize, both in the moment and in the future.

  • Preserve evidence. While it may be exactly what you feel like doing, DO NOT bathe, douche, change clothes, or brush your teeth. Washing or changing clothes may remove forensic evidence.  If you still have access to them, save any SnapChat messages, texts, or DMs related to the incident.

  • Seek medical treatment. It is very important that you seek medical attention to be treated for injuries, sexually transmitted illnesses, and other medical related needs. If you suspect you have experienced a drug facilitated sexual assault or were given what is commonly called a “date rape drug,” go to the hospital immediately. These drugs can harm you, and any evidence of the drug leaves the body quickly.

  • Consider a SANE Exam.You may also want to undergo a medical exam that can provide critical evidence for either the University judicial process or criminal prosecution. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are available at local hospitals. DePauw staff can help make contact with these services. Having a SANE exam does not obligate you to take any further course of action, but preserves evidence if you ultimately decide that you want to.

  • A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner can be reached by contacting the DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555 or a SASA at 765-658-4650.

  • Make a report. Reports can be made to a number of areas, including the Title IX Coordinator and DePauw Police Department. Additional information about making a report can be found below.

A reminder that you get to make the decision regarding how to move forward. These are merely recommendations to consider.

DePauw Resources

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates

SASAs are staff persons who have been trained in sexual assault response and resources.  A SASA is someone who can present all of the options available. The SASA is available to support students in crisis as well as refer them to various resources.

Available 24/7 at 765-658-4650 

Women's Center

The DePauw Women's Center serves as a resource for students, faculty, staff, and the Greencastle community interested in acting on behalf of women's issues at DePauw.

Sarah Ryan is the Director of the Center and she may be reached by phone at (765) 658-4173 or via email at Sryan@depauw.edu.

Counseling Services

The Wellness Center supports the academic success, physical health and mental well being of all students by providing the highest quality services in a timely and confidential manner.

A counselor may be reached by calling (765) 658-4268 or after hours by calling DePauw Police Dispatch at (765) 658-5555.

Center for Spiritual Life

Clergy may provide pastoral counseling via text, phone calls, email or in person.

Reach Chaplain Maureen at mklangdoc@depauw.edu and 765-365-2269.

Housing and Residence Life

Staff in the Housing and Residence Life Office and Fraternity and Sorority Life Offices are good resources for all students.  All staff members have been trained to know the various resources available on campus and can help students navigate this process.

Assistant Dean of Students Kevin Hamilton oversees these offices and may be reached at (765) 658-4317 or by email.

Title IX Staff

Reports of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on sex or gender can be filed with the DePauw University Title IX Coordinators.

Title IX Administrators
Dionne Jackson, Ed. D., Title IX Coordinator
Rhyan Smith, JD, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Email: titleixcoordinator@depauw.edu
Phone: 765-658-4155

DePauw Police 

DePauw Police Officers investigate reports of sexual misconduct that are then forwarded to the Title IX Office for review of violations of the campus Sexual Misconduct Policy, and to the local prosecutor for review of criminal charges. All officers have received specialized training in sexual misconduct investigations. You may also wish to report to another Law Enforcement Agency and an officer can assist you with making contact with another agency.

Call 911 if there is an emergency or the DePauw Police Department at (765) 658-5555 for non-emergencies.

Community Resources


  • Putnam County Hospital (Greencastle, Indiana): 765-301-7300
  • Hendricks Regional Hospital (Danville, Indiana): 317-745-4451
  • Eskenazi Health Center of Hope (Indianapolis, Indiana): 317-880-8006 or 317-880-9189
  • Methodist Hospital Center of Hope (Indianapolis, Indiana): 317-926-4673


  • Hamilton Center, Inc: 765-653-1024

  • Cummins Mental Health: 765-653-2669

  • Mental Health Association (Putnam County): 765-653-3310


  • Greencastle Police Department: 765-653-2925

  • Putnam County Sheriff’s Department: 765-653-3211

  • Indiana State Police, Putnamville Division: 765-653-4114

  • Putnam County Central Dispatch: 765-653-5115

State and Area Resources

National Hotlines