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Information for Advisors & Alumni

Information & resources to assist you in getting involved as a mentor to our undergraduates

Serving as an advisor to a chapter can be a rewarding experience for the individual and for the chapter. Although many of our Greek-affiliated alumni remain active within their chapters and the DePauw Greek community well after they graduate, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved regardless of your affiliation to an organization and support our undergraduate members.

Role of Campus Living & Community Development

Campus Living and Community Development staff work closely with alumni chapter advisors and house corporation board presidents to assist in providing the best possible Greek experience for each student. The groups meet both formally and informally throughout the year to work towards this goal. If you are interested in getting involved in our Greek community or have any other questions about how you can get involved, please e-mail glc@depauw.edu. Listed below is some information on some the important roles our alumni can play in our community.

Advisors for our Fraternity & Sorority Community

Chapter Advisors

Chapter Advisors serve a vital role to the fraternities as role models, facilitators and liaisons between the chapter, their (Inter)national headquarters, and the University. As alumni of their specific chapter, the advisors have a unique view of the ritual and tradition of their fraternities and sororities, which presents unique opportunities for advising and consulting. If you are an alumni and are interested in getting involved, please contact glc@depauw.edu so we can put you in touch with any of the alumni chapter advisors.

Housing Corporation Advisors

For fraternities and sororities with chapter houses on campus, the House (or Facility) Corporation Advisory Boards provide a valuable resource to our chapters from an operational standpoint.  Among other contributions, house corps are active in maintaining the living units, managing the budgets, and working towards creating a better overall living experience for our Greek students.  House Corporation Advisors have been important in the discussions on how we live at DePauw, as they house a significant number of our upperclass students.  The University works in partnership with them to align schedules, draft residential standards and create policy to promote a Greek community living experience conducive to the highest level of academic success. If you are an alumni and are interested in getting involved, please contact glc@depauw.edu so we can put you in touch with any of the House Corporation Advisors.  

House Directors

Chapters that own their facilities are required to have a live-in House Director, who is employed by that specific chapter's house corporation. Chapters use their House Directors in a variety of different roles, which include general day-to-day operations of a chapter facility, role modeling/mentoring/relationship building and general support for the needs of students. The House Directors Association meets monthly with a representative from Campus Living and Community Development to discuss relevant issues on campus as well as provides an opportunity partner with one another and share best practices. If you have questions about the House Director position, please contact glc@depauw.edu so we can put you in touch with a representative from a chapter's House Corporation.

Faculty Scholarship Advisors

Each chapter has the opportunity to work collaboratively with a faculty member selected to serve as its Faculty Scholarship Advisor. These advisors serve as an additional resource to the members in the chapter and assist by providing guidance and support in the development of scholarship programs. The Faculty Scholarship Advisor helps chapters connect to the academic community and identify with the most important founding principle of Greek organizations - intellectual development.

The Faculty Scholarship Advisor works with the chapter scholarship officer to tailor their role to best fit the needs of the specific chapter.  A collection of the duties for the role are outlined below:

  • Serve as a resource in arranging special chapter workshops on academic issues
  • Serve as a resource in referring individual members for tutorial assistance
  • Assist the chapter in adopting academic goals
  • Assist the chapter scholarship officer in planning the scholastic achievement program for initiated members and new members.
  • Meet with the chapter scholarship officer (and committee if applicable) at least once a semester to review chapter goals and the progress of the scholastic achievement program. 
  • Assist the chapter scholarship officer in developing and promoting good study tips/techniques for the chapter members. 
  • Conduct individual conferences with any members experiencing academic difficulty with the goal of providing a referral to other support services. 
  • Meet with the new member educator prior to the conclusion of recruitment to review the new member education program and insure its structure is consistent with high academic achievement.
  • Monitor the chapter’s standing each semester in the Greek Academic Standings report and consider scholarship trends to determine how Greek membership affects individual student’s academic performance. 
  • Participate in Faculty Scholarship Advisor orientations and training sessions as offered by Campus Living and Community Development

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Campus Living and Community Development at glc@depauw.edu.

Greek Life Advisory Council

The Greek Life Advisory Council (GLAC) was created in 2006 to ensure the University and our Greek house corporations and advisory teams have a forum to work collaboratively with the University administration to provide a positive Greek experience for our students. Among other objectives of GLAC, the organization works to improve the health, safety, and security of students who live within Greek houses. In partnership with the University, GLAC has assisted in creating new residential standards for our living units and have recently partnered with the University to assist in efforts to reduce high risk alcohol use on campus.