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Policies & Forms

Important policy information as well as resources for students, faculty, staff, parents & alumni

Community Standards

For more information about the Community Standards process at DePauw, please refer to the Community Standards webpage.

Event Management

The University event registration procedure provides a framework for our students to host safe and responsible events falling in line with University, headquarters, and FIPG policies. The event registration process requires student groups and living units to outline and submit their detailed safety management plans prior to hosting events. Registered events are permitted on weekend nights between 9 PM and 2 AM.

Student groups and living units are not permitted to host events on nights before classes are regularly scheduled, during the "recess" periods, during winter term, during the new student orientation period, or on weekends during/immediately prior to final examinations. For more information please contact, Julia Sutherlin in the Alcohol Initiatives Office, located in Campus Life - Union Building 002. 

Alcohol Information

DePauw University students’ behavior is governed by the laws of the state of Indiana as well as the guidelines set forth by the DePauw University Student Handbook

New Member Education

New Member Education Forms and Programs are to be submitted to the Campus Living and Community Development Office prior to beginning a process. The Coordinator that is working with the chapter will review the document and ensure that all the necessary information is completed and shared. Once approved, the chapter will receive notification that they can begin the New Member Education Process. A general overview of what is expected is below: 

New Member Education

Noise Policy

The University and its recognized organizations have an obligation and a responsibility to themselves and the surrounding community to provide an atmosphere and environment that is conducive to the normal functioning of both. The right to express oneself is limited by its effect on the rights of others. All campus groups, as well as outside agencies who use our facilities, must accept the responsibility of good citizenship.

It is important to establish good mutual relations with residents of your neighborhood the year round. Canvas the neighbors immediately surrounding your living unit prior to any noise-making event. Enable the neighbors to call the living unit representatives directly with any noise concerns. Extend a personal message of apology and a written note to any neighbor complaining about noise following an event.

It is University policy, suggested by students, to strongly discourage weekday events that will create noise issues and to encourage closed events whenever possible.

The following guidelines (please refer the PDF below) are issued to encourage responsible social functions and curb excess noise. These recommendations are solely for University policy. City and state laws also may apply.

Noise Policy Information

Expansion/Extension Policy Information

DePauw University is proud of its long-standing and diverse fraternity and sorority community.  The University recognizes that several types of chapter models and governing councils exist on campus we support those differences.  To that end, this policy will address procedures of expansion as it relates to each governing council and procedures for expansion for which all organizations and student interest groups must adhere.

Greek Expansion Policy