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Where can meal swipes be utilized?

Meal swipes can be utilized at Hoover Hall during normal operating hours or a meal swipe equivalent can be used at the Student Union Convenience Store, Blend, Café Roy, or Café Allegro.  Specific meal swipe alternative information is available at each location.  

Will the DPU Flex and Community Plus dollars expire?

Any remaining DPU Flex or Community Plus dollars in your account at the end of the Fall Semester will remain in your account for the Spring Semester. Any unused dollars in your account at the end of the Second Semester will be forfeited.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

All students living in DePauw-owned housing are required to be on a meal plan.  Meal plan options are determined by housing assignments.

What happens if I do not utilize all my swipes each week?

Meals for the week are deposited onto cards every Friday morning and any swipes not utilized each week are forfeited.

Can I use more than one swipe during a meal period?

Yes. Up to four swipes can be used per day (subject to having not exceeded your weekly swipe allowance).

Can Greek or commuting students purchase a meal plan?

Yes, Greek and commuting students may choose any DePauw meal plan.