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Meal Plan Swipes and Swipe Alternatives


DePauw University and Bon Appetit recognize the need for variety and flexibility with meal plans.  The meal plans come loaded with a certain number of “swipes” that you are able to use for the week, as well as flex dollars.  A single swipe can be used up to four times per day and the plans will reset every Friday morning. All unused swipes at the end of Thursday evening will be forfeited. To prevent forfeited swipes, we are offering the swipe option at all of our campus locations and swipes can be used at breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night.  Swipes used at locations other than Hoover Dining Hall are called swipe equivalents.

Hoover Dining Hall

Hoover Dining Hall is the primary dining option for student meals. Hoover Hall operates as an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch (brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays) are all-you-care-to-eat and can be purchased with a single swipe.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch offer multiple food platforms.  Features include an open-flamed gas-fired stone hearth oven.  

Café Roy, Café Allegro, Student Union Convenience Store

Each of these cafés offer bundled items that are available for one meal swipe (called an equivalent or swipe equivalent).  You can choose between an entrée salad and a side, a house crafted sandwich or wrap with two sides, or four sides.  A couple examples of the sandwiches and wraps that will be available are the chipotle ranch turkey club and the campus favorite buffalo chicken wrap.  You can also choose between chicken and tuna salads, assorted breakfast sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, or a ham and swiss.  Several side options will also be available at these locations, including:  fresh fruit, salads, potato chips, fresh crudité, yogurt parfait, cookies, soup, bottled soda, Pure Leaf iced tea, Ocean Spray juice, Gatorade, and locally roasted Julian Coffee Roasters.


Blend is a fresh blended smoothie bar.  When dining here you will be able to get your choice of a blended smoothie with the option of two add-ons for a single meal swipe.

The purchasing process for swipe alternatives under the meal plan is listed below:

  1. Go to your favorite dining location and reference the meal bundle signage.
  2. Choose the items that you would like to purchase from the meal bundle menu, remove the items from the cooler (Union Convenience Store), or ask the cashier for the items that you would like (Blend and Café Allegro).
  3. Specify to the cashier if you would like to use a meal swipe, flex dollars, cash, or credit (all items that are available for a swipe are also available to purchase with flex dollars, cash, or credit).
  4. The cashier will process the transaction. Any items in addition to the bundled selections will be charged separately.

Please contact depauwdining@depauw.edu with any questions you may have regarding the meal plan or johnhecko@depauw.edu with menu specific requests.