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"Quantitative Reasoning for College Graduates: A Complement to the Standards"

The 1998 report from The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) discussing what quantitative literacy requirements should be established for ALL students who receive a bachelor's degree.

Committee on Undergraduate Preparation in Mathematics (CUPM) Quantitative Literacy Links.

This site includes a wealth of information including course descriptions, book reviews, program descriptions, abstracts of talks, a QL bibliography, what other baccalaureate institutions require, and much more. DePauw,s program shows up several times on this site.

Mathematics Across the Curriculum at Dartmouth

Dartmouth has developed "a wide swath of courses designed to attract rather than conscript students into mathematics." A brief description of their program was written up in the March 2000 issue of Focus, the MAA newsletter.

Sample course syllabi and materials for interdisciplinary activities linking mathematics with many other disciplines



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