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Tips and Study Strategies

from Professors & Peers

"Nature does what nature does.
In Physics, we create models that allow us to predict what nature does."

-- Professor Howard Brooks, Physics and Astronomy

Howard Brooks, Physics and Astronomy How Things Work:  Thinking Through Physics
Dana Dudle, Biology How to Do Excellent Work in Biology (But Not Just Biology)
Joseph Harris, Center for Diversity and Inclusion On Finding Community
David Harvey, Chemistry and Biochemistry Working Toward Success in CHEM 260
Matthew Hertenstein, Psychology On Doing Well in Introduction to Psychology
Lynn Ishikawa, English  On Doing Well in ALL of Your Classes
Sujung Kim, Religious Studies Ten Strategies for Your Academic Success
Mahaila Martin, Research Assistant
Selma Poturovic, Chemistry
How to Do Well in Organic Chemistry  (video)
Matthew Oware, Sociology and Anthropology Unpacking the First 18 Years of Your Life
Peer Advisors, Academic Resource Center Solving Everyday Academic Dilemmas 
Tips on Take-Home Exams  

Deepa Prakash, Political Science On Work, Curiosity, and Risk
Pam Propsom, Psychology and Neuroscience To Learn It, Teach It to a Friend 
Manu Raghav, Economics Tips for Doing Well in Introduction to Economics (Econ 100)
Amity Reading, English What Does an A Paper Look Like?
What Should I Do to Succeed in This English Class?
Michael Sinowitz, English Tips for Reading, Analyzing, and Asking Questions
Scott Spiegelberg, School of Music On Doing Good Work in Music Theory Courses
Scott Thede, Computer Science How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
M. Scott Wilkerson, Geosciences Curiosity about the World Around Us:  On Doing Good Work in the Geosciences
Zhixin Wu, Mathematics Excelling in Lower-Level Mathematics Courses