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Alumni Connections

The Hubbard Center for Student Engagement also supports alumni, from facilitating networking to reconnecting with classmates and helping with career-related searches and support.

The Hubbard Center for Student Engagement, like DePauw, continues to support you and many other alumni after you receive your degree at commencement.  The Center also connects alumni with the current generation of DePauw students, who can gain from internships and additional insights that you can provide while also contributing to your business.  

Learn more about how you, as a member of the DePauw community, can reconnect with your classmates and the University through social media, network with other DePauw alumni, mentor current students, and receive support from the Hubbard Center.  

Connect with the DePauw Community

Communicate with Fellow Alumni


Mentor Students

Represent Your Employer on Campus & Participate in Special Events

Post Jobs on TigerTracks

Receive Support from the Hubbard Center

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5 Ways to Improve Your Resume: #3. Use keywords from the job application in your resume. Check out the entire list:

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Reminder: Final deadline for Teach for America is next Friday, March 6. Start your application today:

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This list includes some good tips on how to stand out and have a great interview.

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It's a big day for the Hubbard Center! Come see us at the Job Fair in the UB Ballroom TODAY from 11-2pm!


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