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DePauw Debate

DePauw Debaters Receive National Recognition at the NEDA National Debate Tournament!

DePauw Debaters closed their season on a strong note at the National Educational Debate Association's National Debate Tournament hosted by Fullerton College in Los Angeles, California.  Senior debaters Matt Piggins and Mickey Terlep paced the team with an impressive 4-2 record, and a Quarterfinalist Award.  They were ranked 7th Place in the Open Division. Piggins and Terlep defeated teams from Duquesne, Fullerton College, and two teams from California State University-Maritime en route to their outstanding finish.  First year debaters Liam Byrnes and Jack Williams compiled a 3-3 record on the way to 10th Place in the Open Division.  Brynes further distinguished himself by taking home the 8th Place Speaker Award. Danny Schultz paired with Luis Hinjosa from Rio Hondo to form a hybrid team, and they also compiled a 3-3 record for a 15th Place finish in the Crossfire Division.

DePauw Debate: Then . . .

The DePauw Debate Team heads for the Vandalia station in April 1897 to take the train for a debate with Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. One of the team members is historian Charles A. Beard.