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COMM 210

Performance Studies I

Performance Studies seeks to broaden the definition of performance and the texts upon which they are based. This course investigates literature, discourse, image, gesture and the body through analytical and artistic applications.

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1 course

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Timothy Good

210A: Performance Studies I

Theater and the Natural Environment

Students will delve into topics of theater, performance, history, and anthropology related to Environmental Studies, including plays, films, historical studies, and memoirs. The students will study plays and performances that illustrate how a people's connection to their natural environment forms the values and relationships. These readings will be supported by performance theory from each of the traditions. We will trace the history of performance globally, to understand how theater and performance reflected changing attitudes of the societies from which they sprung. The course will also investigate areas where there could be crossover with other arts related to nature, such as Romantic painting and nature writing. By examining theater pieces from different times and cultures, the student will understand how personal decisions in specific social contexts added up to create our current state of environmental awareness (and lack thereof). The overarching thesis of the course is that we can choose to nurture an empathetic and healthy relationship with our natural environment.