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COMM 291

Inquiries into Communication

Designated topics in communication and theatre are explored. May be repeated with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Timothy Good

291B: Tps:Scenic and Lighting Design

The course will explore the scenographic intersection of lighting and scenic design for stage, screens, museums, and other contexts. Students will receive foundational skills in both areas, and choose an area of concentration for final projects. Can be taken P/F -- contact instructor if interested for details.

Ronald Dye

291C: Tps:Theatre, Culture and Society: Shakespeare on Film

Students will examine, analyze and discuss film and modern stage adaptations of several plays by William Shakespeare, along with the original play texts. The films and plays will be considered in their historical cultural contexts, and will include adaptations which are fairly "literal" or straightforward, as well as "free adaptations" which diverge widely from or only reference the original texts. Students will write critical response papers and will complete a final research paper to fulfill the "W" component of the course.

Spring Semester information

Timothy Good

291A: Inquiries/Communication

Gigi Jennewein

291B: Tps:Shakespeare Festival

David Worthington

291C: Inquiries/Communication

Kevin Howley

291D: Inquiries/Communication

Seth Friedman

291E: Tps:Film History and Film 220