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Careers in Education Studies

Education Law
Lawyer, Paralegal, Consultant

  • Juvenile Justice Advocate
  • Social Work
  • Family and Child Protective Services
  • Disabled Person's Advocacy
  • Social Justice Advocacy

Development of Educational Programs
Policy, Program Development and Instruction

  • Corporate Training Executive
  • Camp and Wilderness Program Development
  • Museum Programs and Exhibitions
  • Program Development for Children's Organizations (i.e.: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America)
  • Program Development for NGO's
  • Program Development for Prisons and Penitentiaries
  • Program Development for Geriatric Homes

Educational Graduate Work
Academic Foundation for Further Study

  • Counseling
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Counseling Psychology

Classroom Teaching
Alternatives to Traditional Licensure

  • Alternative Certification
  • Charter Schools
  • School Administration
  • School Board Member
  • Peace Corps
  • International Teaching
  • Day Care Administration