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Honor Scholar and Fellows Programs

In DePauw’s four Fellows programs and its Honor Scholar program, top-notch faculty and talented students work together to ask the questions that matter and address the challenges of a new generation.

  • Honor Scholars intensify their liberal arts experience through interdisciplinary seminars and a required thesis.
  • Environmental Fellows approach issues such as climate change and biodiversity through multiple disciplines.
  • Management Fellows enhance their academic experience with a guest lecture series and paid internships at major corporations.
  • Media Fellows study journalism and communication mediums from TV, film and radio to print and the Internet.
  • Science Research Fellows start solving scientific problems on day one, and land research internships on campus and around the globe. 

These programs all offer students specific ways to augment their liberal arts education.  The Honor Scholar program offers students a capstone thesis project that represents the rare opportunity (and challenge) of engaging with a group of faculty on a topic of the student’s choosing.  The Fellows programs offer semester-long internships or research experiences and frequent opportunities to engage with leading scholars and industry leaders on and off campus. All of these programs serve as an intellectual home for some of the nation’s brightest and most ambitious students. 

Apply to Honors and Fellows

DePauw offers a select number of high-achieving students admission to one of our five Honors and Fellows Programs. Learn how to apply.

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