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International Student Information

The Student Laptop Program is a mandatory program. All entering students, including International students, must have:

  1. A Laptop for use in their coursework
  2. A copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office

NOTE: It is required that you have the English version of the Operating System and use the English version of Microsoft Office because all your studies and academic work will be in English and not in your native language.


You may purchase a system of your own choosing or bring a laptop that you currently own. However, you should review the Minimum Requirements to make sure that your system meets some basic specifications.


You may order one of the DePauw Suggested Systems. To order one of these systems:

  1. Review the Suggested Student Systems to select your laptop.
  2. Order your computer by browsing to Suggested Systems or by calling the vendor directly at which time you will make your payment arrangements. The preferred method of payment is by credit card, but you may be able to arrange an alternative method of payment with the vendor.

    Important Notes:
    1. The Apple model(s) can only be ordered online. Apple will not accept international credit cards.
    2. The HP models can only be ordered online. HP will not accept international credit cards.
    3. If you have exhausted all methods for ordering your computer, you can request DePauw to order it for you by following the guidelines at Asking DePauw to Order your Computer for you.
  3. Ship your order by following the guidelines at Where to Ship your Laptop.


The only software requirement for entering students is that you must have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office for use on your computer. You should check the Software page on this website to find out how to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office.

Where to Ship your Laptop

Computer companies will not ship to an international address due to United States export laws. Therefore any laptop ordered before a student arrives on-campus should be shipped to the Center for International & Experiential Education where it will be held until the student arrives on-campus. Shipping address:

Your Name (i.e., student's full name)
Intercultural Life
Reese Hall
413 S. Locust St.
Greencastle, IN 46135 USA

Asking DePauw to order your laptop for you

If you want to order one of the University Suggested Systems and have exhausted all methods for ordering your computer, DePauw will order the computer for you if you wire transfer funds to DePauw to cover the cost. Once DePauw has received these funds, a computer will be ordered on your behalf.

Process to Follow

  1. Email Mike Moore at to request that DePauw order the laptop for you. Include in your email what laptop you would like to order and any enhancements you want to purchase for that particular system.
  2. Wire transfer funds to DePauw to cover the full cost of the laptop, shipping, and local taxes. We recommend wiring $2,000 USD.  These funds are above and beyond any funds that are intended for tuition, fees, room & board, and other DePauw charges. Guidelines on how To Wire Transfer Funds to DePauw may be found below.
  3. After receipt of the wire transfer, DePauw will order the laptop. The laptop will be delivered to DePauw and held by us for pickup by the student.

Since DePauw will be ordering the computer, any rebate or special offers by the computer vendor may not be available.

To Wire Transfer Funds to DePauw

Visit your local bank indicating the following on the wire transfer:

Student's Full Name
Reference “Student Laptop Purchase " in the instructions
Student ID # (You may be able to find this through the student's DePauw e-Services account. If not, do not include.)
Name of Bank: PNC
Bank Address: One National City Center, Indianapolis, IN  46255

Account Name:           DePauw University
Account Number:       4620424515
Routing Number:       041000124      
Swift Code:                 PNCCUS33