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Software for 2022


Before you arrive on campus, you should download the current version of Microsoft Office onto your computer.

As part of our contractual agreement with Microsoft, we are able to provide Microsoft Office to every student free of charge. As long as you are a student at DePauw, you’ll be able to use this software for free.

To install your free copy of Microsoft Office:

  • Go to www.office.com/getOffice365

  • At the prompt, enter your DePauw email address

  • Follow the instructions in the email that you receive

If you have trouble installing Office, go to Troubleshoot Installing Office.

Other Software


As a DePauw student, you are entitled to a free copy of Symantec EndPoint Protection. This is the University licensed antivirus/anti-malware software. The software and updates are free while you are a student at DePauw. Review the Securing Devices article on the IT KnowledgeBase for step-by-step instructions on installing Symantec on your computer.

Curricular Software

Specific curricular software may be required for some classes. Information about this software, which is available as a free download or for a minimal charge, may be found on the IT KnowledgeBase Instructional Support & Software article.

Windows on a Mac

In limited circumstances, Mac users may have to run software that is only available for the Windows operating system. If required for a class, these students will be provided a means to run the software in a virtual environment via our network.

Network Drives

You will need to set up your computer so you can gain access to class files shared on network drives and network printers. Browse to the IT KnowledgeBase Network: Learn About the Network article for step-by-step instructions on connecting to network drives.


You will need to set up your computer to print to the campus network printers. Browse to the IT KnowledgeBase Printing article for step-by-step instructions on how you can print to DePauw's Canon printer/copiers.

Remote International Student Access to DePauw Google, e-Services, etc.

When having issues connecting to Google or other DePauw online resources for their courses, international students (including those living in China) can use DePauw’s Virtual Desktop or DePauw’s VPN.

More on the IT KnowledgeBase:

Last update: 10-Jan-2023