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Student Laptops - International Students

International Student Information

All entering students, including international students, must have:

  1. A laptop for use in your coursework
  2. A copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office

Note: It is required that you have the English version of the Operating System and use the English version of Microsoft Office because all your studies and academic work will be in English and not in your native language.


You may purchase a system of your own choosing or bring a laptop that you currently own. However, you should review the Minimum Requirements to make sure that your system meets some basic specifications.


The only software requirement for entering students is that you must have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office for use on your computer. You should check the Software Web page to find out how to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office.

Where to Ship your Laptop if you will be living on campus

Computer companies will not ship to an international address due to United States export laws. Therefore any laptop ordered before a student arrives on campus should be shipped to the office of International Student Services where it will be held until the student arrives on campus. Shipping address for this office is:

Student's Full Name
International Student Services
5 West Hanna Street
The Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity & Inclusion
Greencastle, IN 46135 USA