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Suggestions for what else to bring!

What to bring? What not to bring?

Since you are bringing a computer, you should bring this stuff too

  • All the original disks or media that come with the computer.  If your system has trouble during the year, you many need your original system disks to restore or repair your system.

  • A way to backup your computer. Your files are valuable so you should have a backup copy of those things you create so you can retrieve them if you have trouble. Learn more at Backing up your computer.

  • A carrying case. You will be moving around with your computer, so you should have a protected and convenient way to transport your laptop.

  • Mouse, flash drives, and printers.  These devices are not required, but may offer a degree of convenience.

What not to bring

  • Open source or alternative office application software instead of Microsoft Office.  Some web-based applications, such as Microsoft Web Apps, or other applications, such as iWork, may not offer the same features and functionality or be fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Faculty will expect to receive your work that is created in Microsoft Office applications.

  • You can bring your iPad, but iPads, Chromebooks, other tablets, and light use portable computing devices are not a viable option as your primary laptop. While you might decide to bring one of these as a secondary device, do not plan to use it as your only laptop.

  • Wireless routers, access points, and printers. Wireless routers are not permitted on campus as they interfere with the campus network. Additionally, wireless printers will not connect to the campus network and thus will not function as wireless devices.