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Laptop Support


We are sorry to report that the Technology Service Depot, which was operated by Bell Techlogix inside Eli's Books has closed as of November 18, 2016.


If you are a DePauw student and need assistance with your laptop you should contact the DePauw Help Desk at or 765-658-4294, or in person on campus in the Union Building, lower level.

If your laptop needs to be repaired, the Help Desk is not able to offer this service.  The following information should help you determine the best way to have your laptop serviced. 


Apple Laptops

Warranty Repairs

  • Apple laptops come with a 1 year warranty. 
  • If purchased, AppleCare extends this to 3 years
  • Accidental damage is not covered under the Apple warranty or AppleCare, but it is worth checking with Apple as they will sometimes let it pass.
  • Warranty repairs must be done at an Apple Authorized Service Center
  • Call Apple Directly at 800-APL-CARE
  • Visit an Apple Store (closest store to Greencastle is in Indianapolis at Keystone at the Crossing)
  • Best Buy stores who have “Geek Squad” services are authorized for Apple repairs.  The best buy in Avon, Indiana has a Geek Squad and can do these repairs.  Call (317) 271-5690 or schedule an appointment at

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

  • Any of the above sources will do out of warranty repairs
  • WynWay in downtown Greencastle can also perform many Apple repairs

Warranty Unknown

  • WynWay in Greencastle can look up the warranty status of Apple laptops
  • By using the laptop serial number, warranty status can be found at:


HP Elitebook Laptops

Warranty Repairs

  • Call Hewlett Packard as these systems typically come with on-site warranty repair.
  • Accidental damage may be included in your warranty.
  • Call HP at 866-625-1175

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

  • Call HP at 866-625-1175
  • WynWay in downtown Greencastle can also perform most HP Elitebook repairs

Warranty Unknown


Other Windows Systems

  • Contact the vendor where you purchased your system, or the manufacturer.
  • WynWay in Greencastle is particularly helpful when determining warranty status and repairing other systems.