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Curricular Policy and Planning

Committee Members 2015-16
This committee shall supervise programs and recommend policies relating to: admissions requirements, ROTC, Experimental Division, University Studies, Extended Studies, graduation requirements, pre-professional programs, and other programs of similar relevance to academic policy.  All new majors and minors, whether departmental or interdisciplinary in nature, shall be considered by this committee and subsequently voted on by the faculty.  This committee will review reports from external review of departments and programs to facilitate their overall supervision of the academic program. Furthermore, this committee shall be responsible for policies and actions of the faculty relating to the daily operation of academic programs, and it shall have the responsibility for making recommendations to the faculty concerning the institution and implementation of these policies and details.
Position description
Representative (end of term)
Faculty member who considers the Arts their curricular home Steve Timm (2016)
Faculty member who considers the Humanities their curricular home Francesca Seaman (2017)
Faculty member who considers the Mathematical, Computational or Natural Sciences their curricular home Scott Thede (2016)
Faculty member who considers the Social Sciences their curricular home Jamie Stockton (2017)
Fifth faculty member David Guinee (2016) (chair)

Other members: two(2) students appointed by Student Congress. Ex officio (without vote) Vice President for Academic Affairs or representative, Dean of the School of Music or representative, and Registrar (Ken Kirkpatrick).